This week’s class focused on the art of poster illustration. We looked at artists like Luba Lukova, Roger Peet, and Isol.

During studio time, our first task was to create some quick, Isol-inspired images. Watercolor was applied quickly, and once dry we used twigs to draw lines in India ink, staying loose and not worrying about the edges of the color as far as defining our image. My attempts:

horse parrot seahorse

After the warmup, the class came up with a list of “issues” – everything from Animal Welfare to Homelessness and Internet Privacy. The last half hour of class was spent creating a poster in this same style on the topic of our choice. My most successful attempt below:


I will say that drawing in ink with a twig is incredibly frustrating. Again, so far I am loving this class both for the chance to experiment and for the challenge of getting outside my comfort zone with styles and materials. I’ll share thumbnails and progress photos for this week’s homework as I complete them. We are tasked with coming up with a more developed and finished poster concept over the next two weeks.

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