Based on an artist postcard swap organized by my friend Dawn Diamantopoulos a couple of years ago, I decided to organize one of my own recently. I invited illustrators and artists I know both in person and online to participate, and ended up with a group of 42 people, each of whom I randomly assigned the name and address of someone else in a group. The only requirement was that they send a 4×6″ handmade postcard. Most of these folks went over and above, and some really neat connections and new friendships were formed. I’ll be sharing a few at a time in a series of blog posts, with links to each of the artists involved, throughout the month of October.


Virginia Fitzgerald‘s package included this beautiful little origami dress, as well as a pen and ink drawing of a teacup and egg cup. You can follow her on Instagram at @virginiacreates



Gregg Hertzlieb drew one of his fantastic fish, painstakingly rendered in pen and ink, and the recipient said “This wonderful piece is now in my collection of ART I LOVE at my house.” You can follow Gregg on Instagram at @thegreggegg



Surface designer Erin Gibbs‘ sweet dogs and cats piece found a new home in Northwest Indiana. You can follow her work on Instagram at @erin_gibbs



Michele Chaffe Hill created not one, but THREE cute postcard illustrations for this project. You can see her daily drawings on Instagram at @ImagineNationbyMichele




Last but not least, the piece I created found a new home in Belgium. I decided to paint a moth in gouache on black paper, and enclosed a notecard with a linocut cricket to protect it on its journey. My instagram handle is @mwashburnart and I post pretty much daily!



I am really enjoying watching all the work come in and seeing the new connections and friendships that have formed. Stay tuned for more soon!

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