I spent yesterday in Chicago at this year’s Moxie Conference. Once again, it was a really inspiring day, and I was especially excited to meet illustrator Lisa Congdon, whose work I really admire. She was incredibly gracious, cheerful, and friendly, despite my rambling “open mouth, insert foot” style conversation. Though the entire conference was more inspirational than practical in nature, it’s always energizing to be in a room full of creatives talking about great work, and I got home last night exhausted but resolved to get more organized, keep making better and better work, and keep putting it out there.

Today I took a hike in the Dunes with my family, I took a lot of photos, and was also very excited to spot several yellow warblers. I saw some other little bird that I thought was a warbler; it may have been a Redpoll, but I’m not sure. It had a distinct red cap, which I know some sparrows have also. I painted him from memory, so I’m sure this looks nothing like any existing bird:


I also got a little work done on a hand-lettering project I decided to do. It will eventually be a small poster series. I’ve been doing little sketches and starting the lettering when I have time between other things.


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