Last year I designed a 2017 calendar, and had such great feedback that I decided to do it again for 2018 (of course, bigger and better this time). The theme for 2018 is Signs of the Zodiac. Each month features artwork based on the sun sign, flower, and color associated with that month. There are a few creative interpretations, since I am sticking with animals for all 12 months of the year (for example, Aquarius, the water carrier, is going… Read more »


Earth Day seems more important than ever this year. I am very grateful for the work the Endangered Species Print Project is doing to raise awareness of animals in need of conservation worldwide. They asked me to contribute a coloring sheet to an Earth Day project they’re sharing this year, and so I drew a Golden-cheeked warbler. You can download this coloring sheet for free here, and read more about this rare and endangered bird on the Cornell Labs All… Read more »

Hand lettered logo for Community Supported Art Valparaiso

Last night was the members-only reception for our third “Season Preview: CSA Valpo” exhibit at the Porter County Museum. I continue to be so grateful for all of the support and success garnered by this little project, and am so happy it’s helping to connect the arts community in our little town. I am proud to be leveraging financial support for local artists to experiment, grow, and create new art, and continue to believe that it is absolutely critical to… Read more »